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With the 800 Series, Sotera Systems has designed a revolutionary meter. Simple, one-step calibration makes metering fluids of various viscosities easier and more accurate to +/- 0.5% using the pre-set calibration factors. Proof that Sotera Systems is bringing better products to Chemical, Industrial and Ag-Chem users everywhere.

Nutating Disc MeterSotera Positive Displacement - Nutating Disc meter is ideal for end of hose use, in line or mounted to one of our Rotary Vane or 400B Series Diaphragm Pumps. It is able to store and display the current flow amount (total) or the cumulative flow amount (totalizer) in any of six user-specified units. The 850 has a mass air sensor that distinguishes between fluid and air. That means the 850 stops metering when you've finished emptying a container, adding an extra degree of accuracy.

The rugged corrosion-resistant body for the most demanding applications is easy to install with consistent accuracy up to +/- 0.2%. Battery powered, LCD display.

This meter is particularly good when used in conjunction with a dispensing system on a tank or bulk container where precise quantity measurement is required. These meters work excellently for metering screen wash, ad-blue pumps, anti-freeze dispensing and more. Fitted with Fluorocarbon seals the meter can hand just about any fluid task.

Features & Benefits

Sotera 850 Display Meter

  • 2 to 20gpm flow
  • Pressures up to 120psi max
  • Mass Air Sensor
  • 1FNPT ports
  • -10F to 130F temperature range
  • 360 positioning display
  • Two alkaline AA batteries included
  • Quick, one step calibration
  • LCD display
  • Waterproof, corrosion-resistant
  • Fluorocarbon seals
  • Glass-filled Polypropylene housing


PDF Document Download the 800 series brochure
PDF Document Download the 850 series operator manual